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Spring/Fall Seminar CANCELLED!

COVID strikes again but this time it hits our Spring Seminar (which we moved to the Fall). Now due to new restrictions we have cancelled the Fall Seminar as well. Stay tuned!

The hits keep coming with COVID-19 but really, I don't think any of us are surprised at this point at the level of disruption that keeps coming as a result of this pandemic. We all keep rolling with the punches these days and so too shall our great association.

The latest disruption? Our Spring Seminar which we WERE rolling down the road into the Fall and of course flipping it to a half-day seminar. Now we will have to cancel it AGAIN. 

We still plan to re schedule this and will have a great event lined up, with a triad of amazing speakers covering a diverse but highly relevant series of topics.

For full speaker bios and topics along with full registration details, please visit our Meeting Sign-Up area. Please stay tuned as speakers may change as well as the venue. Oh, and although most meetings are available to both members and non-members alike, our members get a nice discount on the registration fee so it's well worth becoming a member.

See you in the NEXT SPRING!


CDAA now offers an Associate Membership. Enroll now to receive member pricing for our Spring Seminar plus you'll gain more savings then your actual enrollment fee!