President's Message

Maeghan Heck, RDA

From The Office Of The President
Maeghan Heck, RDA

Happy New Year CDAA members! I’m not sure about you but 2021 flew by! I’m sure many of you have had time to reflect on the past year and have hopefully made your new year’s resolutions. Mine is to find joy and peace to all that I do in 2022. This includes family, work and all my extracurricular activities. I have found the last couple of years as many of you also have, to be very stressful with so many unknowns and constant changes in our lives.  I am desperate to see the“Covid Crank” disappear this coming year. 

The CDAA board has some amazing things planned this year and with everything getting back to a more “normal” way, we hope you all will attend some upcoming events the CDAA has planned for you. This begins with our January general meeting being held via ZOOM. The CDAA board felt that we had some great attendance for our virtual meetings last year and wanted to continue to offer this option. We saw many “new” faces at the virtual meetings that we typically do not see for in person events. We also feel that January can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather and road conditions and felt that holding a virtual meeting may be the best and safest option for our volunteers and members to attend.

January is also the time that we seek an awards chair volunteer. If you are interested in this position or wish to hear more about it please contact me via email at or plan on attending the January general meeting. We are always looking for volunteers. We want to make sure we find the right role for our volunteers which could require different time commitments. Please consider giving back to your profession by giving a little of you r time. Our volunteers are what hold our association together. Without them we would not be able to continue to offer the local low cost educational events or other benefits our members receive.

Our membership is always open.  Please remember to ask your colleagues to consider becoming a member. We have sadly been seeing a gradual decrease in membership each year and we are struggling to stay afloat! Without members we do not exist and without our professional associations we will not have a voice in Alberta! Our current board will be launching a target group professional social media ad this January to see if it helps improve membership but what better way to increase members than word of mouth!  Let your fellow RDA’s know that we are here and are waiting them welcome them to our Association and the benefits that come with it!

Here is to my fellow RDA’s who wish for Joy and peace in all that we do for 2022!!