President's Message

Cathy Johnson, MSc, RDA

From The Office Of The President
Cathy Johnson, MSc, RDA

End of Term Reflection: A Message from the President

Dear Valued Members of the Calgary Dental Assistants Association,

As my term as president soon draws to a close, I wish to take this opportunity to reflect and acknowledge the tireless dedication and hard work of our members. This term has seen favourable results and many achievements accomplished; and, reflectively, I feel a deep sense of pride as I move forward from my role. For this, I want to thank each of you. Throughout this term, our association has worked hard to champion a sense of pride; and, through acts of volunteerism and of shared life experiences, we have all had the means to achieve personal and professional goals, establish meaningful, long-lasting connections, and contribute to the larger dental assisting communities in Calgary and Alberta. This opportunity for collaboration and growth is invaluable to our profession; and, I hold this result in my highest of regards.

And although I now anticipate the approaching summer, and the extra time afforded to me to spend with my loved ones, sharing this message of inspiration and motivation will be among the last of my official acts. One other - will be my recommendation to our fellow members that they continue to explore the volunteer and networking opportunities available with the CDAA. The local association cannot thrive without your support; of which, your participation is truly the most important gift you can give. I thus call upon all members to join us at the May Annual General Meeting, where the framework for the upcoming term will be set out. And, in this spirit, I ask that we continue to work together to make valuable contributions and to grow our professional community in the next year to come!

Else, I begin the process of signing-off as your CDAA President, whilst embracing my new title of Past President to come. And, in doing so, I leave you with the words of Catherine Pulsifer, who said: "May sunshine surround you each new day, and may smiles and love never be far away." With my kindest of regards, thank you all again for embracing this association and all that it does.

Cathy Johnson, MSc, RDA

(Past) President, Calgary Dental Assistants Association