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Support Your Local Association!! Beginning July 1st RDAs in AB will be able to apply for their 2023 Tri-level Association membership with AADA's low group rate PLI in one easy option pkg. Details will be posted here, FB and IG as well as AADA's website, FB and IG. on that date. You are encouraged to become a CDAA member or renew your lapsed membership now and be sure to be in the know for easy renewal and priority processing. To receive information on obtaining tri-level membership today for 2022, please email the membership coordinator under the Committees tab or AADA under the Resources tab or directly at

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CDAA 2023 Membership is now available!!

Be sure you're signed up as a member for 2023, our updated forms are now posted. You can also learn more about member benefits to see why our association works for well for you.

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  • Effective December 1, 2022, CADA will no longer be providing Professional Liability (Malpractice) Insurance with your annual Practice Permit.
  • Association of Alberta Dental Assistants – through their affiliation with the Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association and PROLINK – will offer Alberta RDAs a simple renewal process and low group rate for Professional Liability Insurance in the coverage amount and type required by CADA. 
  • AB RDAs are currently covered by PLI until November 30, 2022.  This means there is no rush to get your 2023 PLI.
  • Our PLI package will be posted on the AADA website over the summer to ensure it is up to date and includes the required information details, application and payment options.

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We look forward to serving you – our valued members!

Our last AGM held in Red Deer Saturday April 2, 2022 the election results are below

AADA Board of Directors 2022/2023

Kimberly Free RDA

Sarah Kempin RDA

Susanne Strueby RDA

Vicky Tatoulis RDA


Debb Kavalo RDA

Karen Allan RDA

Patricia Hillton RDA

Crystal Wall RDA

Carly Simon RDA

Araceli Nava Osorino RDA

Alberta Director to the Canadian Dental Assistants Association:
Jane Sadler RDA – Edmonton

AADA Corporate Head Office
Dianne Hennig OStJ RDA MFR – Corporate Agent, Parliamentarian and Recording Secretary

Maeghan Heck RDA – Corporate Agent in training
Janet Hazen MStJ BAdmin  Dipl RDA MFR – Resource Librarian

 The AADA continues to be the voice of Alberta RDA’s. Please like our Facebook page Association of Alberta Dental Assistants as well as signing up for the “Group” page to get all the up to date information from the AADA. We still continue to have volunteers sit in on all CADA council meetings. We are at this time only able to be an observer at these meetings but have been requesting an invite to attend the meetings as a stake holder so we may collaborate with CADA on all major issues concerning Alberta RDA’s 

Reminder: as of December 1, 2021 Alberta RDAs can purchase logo items from the UR Store via the Canadian dental assistant’s webpage.

10% of each sale will be given back to the Canadian Dental Assistants Association. We encourage you all to look and purchase an AADA logo item to celebrate not only our upcoming 10th anniversary of the AADA but also the 65th Anniversaries of both the EDAA and the CDAA all happening in 2022!.

As renewal season is in full swing for our association the AADA wants to encourage you to put the word out of the importance of our professional associations. Without these associations we will not have a profession and we will not have a voice. Remember to support not only your local Association but also the Canadian Association to get the tri-level membership benefits.

Maeghan Heck RDA, AADA Past Chairman of the board

Visit the AADA under the Resources tab for more details.

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