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Join Us For Yoga Night

Join us for a night of yoga and relaxation after our usual general meeting.

March 20 Is Yoga Night

Please bring your own yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing. We won't put you through the ringer but you'll want to be comfortable.

Participants will be awarded Potential Competency Points: I-5-1, I-5-2, I-5-3, I-5-4.

Please RSVP to the Membership Coordinator. Sponsored by: Kristin Rasmussen from Premier Dental.

Spa Discounts For Members

All CDAA members will receive a spa discount in celebration of Dental Assistant’s Recognition Week - you deserve to be pampered!

These are your discounts for Dental Assistant’s Recognition Week, redeemable with your membership card or coupon.

  • The Tea Factory: 10% discount on all drinks, food and loose leaf tea for DA Week (March 5 – 11). Redeemable with a CDAA Membership Card.
  • RNR Wellness The Spa: $20.00 discount on spa services for DA Week (March 5th – 11th). Most likely will be Redeemable with a CDAA Membership Card.
  • Oasis Wellness Centre and Spa: A MY Oasis complimentary membership + a $25.00 coupon for months of March and April. Redeemable by coupon given to members at our March GM.