CDAA Membership

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4 Levels Of Membership

THE CDAA provide's extensive member benefits which create great value for our dental assistants and we are always looking for ways to build additional value.

The CDAA offers 4 different levels of membership including:

  • CDAA Membership - must be an RDA = $40
  • Associate Membership - available to all non-RDA dental team members = $40
  • Student Memberships - must be active students = $20
  • Canadian Dental assistants Association Membership - $45

With membership you are granted access to discounted pricing for all meetings and special events; access to general meeting education; as well as special discounts through our various sponsors. Remember to consider the Canadian Dental Assistants Association membership as this is a great way to support our national professional Association to ensure that Alberta RDA's are represented in Canadian initiatives & to maintain our professional credibility nationally.

New Membership Application Privacy Statement and Payment Process

If you are a new member to CDAA please complete the two (2) forms below - New Membership Application and Payment Form. If you are a renewing member then only the payment form is required.

NOTE: You may also choose to be a Canadian Dental Assistant Association supporting member for $45. This gives you access to the National Benefits plus news/ information regarding Dental Assistants on a national level


The CADA is no longer collecting fees for any of the local associations. Thank you for your patience while we continue to transition from having the College collect our fees and for your continued support of our association.