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“I pledge to lend dignity and value to the practice of dentistry by upholding the rights of the patient, the practitioner, and my fellow dental assistants. I will strive to continue my pursuit of high personal and professional standards in my chosen career.”

From The Office Of The President Maeghan Heck, RDA

Welcome back my fellow CDAA members! I hope everyone had a great summer, despite the hot weather and the ongoing, seems to never want to end pandemic. I’m not sure about you but I’m so tired of the daily restrictions and the negativity this pandemic is causing. All we seem to hear is sad and frustrating news, but your CDAA board hopes to bring you at least a little joy this year! We are going to do our best to bring great quality speakers and events, if restrictions permit. I know many of us have missed the in-person events. Last year we had to have all but one meeting virtually but doing so allowed us to see some new faces who may have not been able to attend in person events, as well as many of you who always seem to support our amazing association. 

This year your CDAA board hopes to have a mix of virtual and in person events starting with our October general meeting on October 25, 2021. We plan on this being an in-person event as the Inglewood main hall that has space for us to safely social distance. We will be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test within 72 hours due to the city of Calgary Bylaw, but we will finally be able to see each other in the flesh for the first time in a year! I hope many of you will feel comfortable enough to attend. We also plan on holding a virtual general meeting in January 2022. Sadly, due to the lack of registration we had to cancel the CDAA seminar that we rescheduled from April to October 23 but again hope to be able to reschedule the speakers to another day when the restrictions of this pandemic settle and more RDAs are comfortable to attend in person larger events again.

For our upcoming October general meeting we will celebrate with our annual awards night and look to the future of the CDAA. Your board has been looking into ways we can promote our association via social media and have plans to increase our membership through advertising. I encourage you to remember to renew your membership prior to October 31, 2021 and take advantage of our membership draw to win a pair of Air Pods! I plead with you to continue to spread the word to your colleagues regarding the importance of supporting your local associations so that our membership grows. We need our Associations to continue to be our voice for our profession in our province. I look forward to seeing many of you this coming year as your president of the Calgary Dental Assistants Association.


Maeghan Heck RDA

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