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“I pledge to lend dignity and value to the practice of dentistry by upholding the rights of the patient, the practitioner, and my fellow dental assistants. I will strive to continue my pursuit of high personal and professional standards in my chosen career.”

From The Office Of The President Maeghan Heck, RDA

As winter comes to an end and spring just around the corner with a possible end in sight for the Covid-19 restrictions we have all been faced with for the past two years, it gives me great joy to think about our upcoming dental assisting celebrations within the province of Alberta. 

The first week of March is the time we as RDA’s can celebrate our profession. The CDAA board has a great evening in store for you at our next general meeting and I hope to see you all in attendance as this will be the first meeting  not only to be meeting in person at the Inglewood hall but also we will be prod casting the meeting and speaker via Zoom.

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Registered Dental Assistants (RDA's) bridge a great many professional associations and professional colleges. From local and provincial associations, to government bodies, understanding our role among this dynamic can be complex.

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