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“I pledge to lend dignity and value to the practice of dentistry by upholding the rights of the patient, the practitioner, and my fellow dental assistants. I will strive to continue my pursuit of high personal and professional standards in my chosen career.”

From The Office Of The President Wendy Wilson, RDA


I am sure that March 5th thru March 11th will be a much deserved week of celebrating and acknowledgement for many of us.

You need to be proud of the amazing person that you are, jobs that you do, and the hurdles that you have jumped and continue to jump.  Remember that you are an awesome, fantastic person who works hard to be there for your patients, colleagues, and communities. Celebrate and have some fun.

On February 4th, I had the opportunity to represent the CDAA at the EDAA Team Conference in Edmonton. I want to thank the EDAA for the wonderful day of learning, networking, and socializing I was able to partake in. 

Many thanks to Dr. Mike Parchewsky for attending our January 16th Virtual Meeting and speaking to us on oral air way issues. It was most enlightening.

I am looking forward to connecting with you at our March 6th Meeting at Patterson Dental with Dr. Danielle Davids, who is speaking on Botox as it pertains to dentistry.

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