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“I pledge to lend dignity and value to the practice of dentistry by upholding the rights of the patient, the practitioner, and my fellow dental assistants. I will strive to continue my pursuit of high personal and professional standards in my chosen career.”

From The Office Of The President Wendy Wilson, RDA

     Spring has sprung and so has the daffodils and tulips in my flowerbed. Unfortunately, the squirrels got the crocus. The nasty little beasts!!

    Since the last time I wrote you, C.D.A.A. membership celebrated Dental Assistants Week with lots of fun and prizes. If you attended our March 6th General Meeting, several of our attending members walked away with a gift or door prize. Also, one of our lucky members won a $100 gift card from Superstore for taking pictures of herself and three well known Calgary sights that were lit up with red and blue lights to celebrate Dental Assistants Week. Many thanks to Karen and Sarah for the work they did to make this week fun. Many thanks to Samantha for taking care of our Social Media that was need to post the pictures.

     I want to thank Dr. Danielle Davids for coming to our meeting that night and talking to us on Botox and how it pertains to Dentistry. I would also like to thank the Calgary District Dental Society for sponsoring our meeting.

     That same night, the membership voted unanimously to acknowledge Maeghan Heck for the fantastic job she did last year during our Membership Registration / PLI  for 2023 with the 300 plus hours that she put in by voting to give her a cheque for $12,000.  Job well done.

     As you may have heard our Spring Fling was postponed until September 23, 2023, due to one of our speaker’s wife was due to have her baby around that date. Many thanks to Debb Kavalo for all the work she has gone to get this organized for us.

    Our next Meeting is on May 15, 2023 which is our AGM and that meeting is sponsored by IPC Consulting and Shannon Hawryluk from the Alex Bus will be speaking to us about the new bus they have and the programs they are busy implementing.  That is also the night of our elections, so come on out and support your association. Meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at Patterson Dental.

Wendy L. Wilson RDA

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