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From the AADA

The Association of Alberta Dental Assistants has recently received feedback from RDAs who believe that they are being terminated and replaced with less experienced staff who are being paid less, as a cost saving measure by some dental practices. If you have been similarly affected AADA needs to hear from you. This is the time to help our provincial association advocate for RDA’s with the government and the ADA&C. You can email or phone 780-987-2022 for information or to provide AADA with your story.

Dianne Hennig SSStJ RDA MFR

EDAA Executive Director

From our Jan 15 GM

To the CDAA: Just wanted to thank you again for inviting me to speak at the CDAA meeting Monday night.  And thank you all so much for the Keg gift card – that was absolutely so generous!  Please convey my appreciation to everyone.  It really was my pleasure to be there.


Krista Rasmussen, BA, MA

Territory Manager, Alberta & Saskatchewan



The CDAA is now accepting registration for CDAA members, students and non-members for the 2018 Spring Seminar on April 21. Our seminar is open to everyone however only those with a CDAA membership ID number will receive discounted member pricing. If you need to get your CDAA membership then please visit CDAA Membership page or see further details below.


Why to Support Your Local Association

The CADA is legislated by the AB government to protect the public, ensure that their licensed RDAs are competent and to discipline RDAs as needed.  Under the HPA they are not there to protect you or advocate for you as an RDA.  It is not their role to provide membership benefits, services or support.  These are roles that the CADA is unable to undertake as it is a conflict to their role of public protection. More

Info from our Nov General Meeting

To the Calgary Dental Assistants Association:

On behalf of KaVo Kerr, thank you very much for the opportunity to speak with you last week on the important topics of operatory ergonomics and handpiece maintenance.  We appreciate your time and should you have any follow up questions from the presentation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Dan Mott

Pelton & Crane/ KaVo Treatment Units 403-991-1182

Meredith DeForest

KaVo Kerr 780-660-1500