General Meeting and Seminar Dates for 2018/2019

The CDAA has finalized the dates and times for our key meetings. General Meetings will be held at the Inglewood Community Hall in the Dave Marshall Room. Meetings will remain at 6:30 pm on the third Monday of Oct, Jan and March. (PLEASE NOTE…. We have CHANGED the General Meetings for Sept and Nov and will now only have an Oct meeting in the Fall). View meeting dates below:

Oct 15, 2018:

Topic:  Understanding Opiates and the Opioid Crisis

Speaker: Dr Todd Fairbanks, DDS. FRCD Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Sponsor: Deb Kavalo, IPC Consulting

Jan 21, 2019:

Topic: Silver Diamine

Speaker: Amber Nikolakis, Oral science

Sponsor: Patterson

Speaker Bio:My name is Amber Nikolakis. I was a Certified Dental Assistant for 10 yrs and have been with Oral Science since 2010.  I’m happy to work for such a great company that is committed to supporting Oral Health Professionals in achieving the best clinical results.

Topic Description:Oral Science’s mission is to create optimal and more predictable clinical outcomes by creating synergies between the most efficient and evidence-based in-office treatments and innovative home-care solutions.  The participants will learn about treatment options in the areas of High Risk Caries, Xerostomia and Oral Lesions as well as Oral Science’s Pharmacy Program. Pharmacy recommendation pads and samples will be provided. The brands presented will include X-PUR, Curaprox, Xylimelts, Gengigel, Advantage Arrest Xylitol and FluoriMax.

Possible Competencies: E-1-3, E-1-4, F-3-3,F-3-6, F-3-7,F-3-13

Mar 4, 2019: We will be celebrating RDA WEEK! 7 days of DA Celebrations! Stay tuned for more info! 

Topic: Blood Pressure and other health related illness we need to ask our patients.

Speaker:  Cheryl Plas, Instructor from SAIT

Sponsor:  Calgary District Dental Society

April 13, 2019 Spring Seminar (See separate post for info)

May 27, 2019 AGM and Speaker

Topic: Overview of Trauma Informed care and how we can understand and help our anxious dental patients to have a more relaxed dental appointment.

Speaker:  Anna Waller, runs the CUPS Dental Program

We are finalizing other topics and speakers and we will post these soon.