General Meeting and Seminar Dates for 2017/2018

The CDAA has finalized the dates and times for our key meetings. General Meetings will be held at the Inglewood Community Hall in the Dave Marshall Room. Meetings will remain at 6:30 pm on the third Monday of Sept, Nov, Jan, and March. View meeting dates below:


September 18 2017

Topic: Lost in the Bermuda Triangle – Come and learn about international employment.  Possible Competencies J-1-7, K-4-3,K-4-4 1st

Speaker: Allison Lacoursiere  2nd Topic: IPC Speaker: Ted Gray – Scican

Meeting Sponsor: Ted Gray – Scican

November 20 2017

Topics: Operatory Ergonomics, Hand Piece Maintenance – Possible Competencies H-2-1, H 2-2, H-2-3, H 2-3, K-4-1, K-4-3

Speaker: Daniel Mott – Territory Manager Pelton & Crane, Kavo Kerr Group. Meredith DeForest – Kavo & Rotary  Territory Manager. Kavo Kerr Group

Meeting Sponsor: Kavo Kerr Group

January 15 2018

Topic: Caries Prevention  Possible Competencies A-7-2, E-1-3, E-1-4

Speaker: Krista Rasmussen – Premier Dental

Meeting Sponsor: Krista Rasmussen – Premier Dental

March 19 2018  TBD

Meeting Sponsor: Calgary and District Dental Society

April 21 2018 Spring Seminar – Valley Ridge Golf Club  11618 Valley Ridge Park NW   (see more complete details under our Spring Seminar Post)

Topic: Neuromodulator Therapy Speaker: Dr Roma Pastershank

Topic: Occupational Health and Safety – an Outline for your Office  Speaker: Dianne Rebryna

Topic: Finding Balance  Speaker: Lynn Marshall – Sacred Self Yoga and Wellness

May 28, 2018 AGM

Topic: Bridging the Gap – The Alex Dental Health Bus Possible Competencies: F-4-1, G-1-6, G-3-2, H-4-1, H-4-5,H-4-6,  I-3-8

Speaker: Denise Kokaram

Meeting Sponsor: Henry Schein

AGM  Possible Competencies: I-6-1, I-6-2